Fabio Porchat I went through an unusual situation and decided to use his account Twitter to divide the case to his followers on the night of the quinta-feira (11/17). The presenter and author reported that he skipped his own car for two days at the airport before noticing the absence of the vehicle.

“Terça-feira (11/15) I left home by car, I went for Santos Dumont, hit the plane for São Paulo. I worked in São Paulo, I came back in the fourth (11/16) to Rio. I didn’t get to the airport, I took a taxi and went home. Today (11/17) I give in, I left my new house and cadet or car?! Tá no Santos Dumont waiting for me ”, relatou Porchat.

“I’m going to look for it and probably want to finance the value of the parking,” jumped the comedian about the high value that must be yielding from non-local parking.

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We comments, fans and friends of the artist will have fun with the dog. “I can now start taking a remedy for memory”, wrote a follower. “Isso já aconteceu comigo. I paid almost R$ 300 for parking. Good luck”, said another. “This story is good for my day. Nothing is so dull that it can’t get worse”, jumped a third.

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