The Argentine coach, Gustavo Alfaro, coach of the Ecuadorian national team, praised the capabilities of his players and the work they provided throughout the last period, praising at the same time the Qatari national team’s preparations and its ambition in the 2022 World Cup that it will host at home and among its fans.

The twenty-second edition of the World Cup will open on Sunday, facing the Qatari and Ecuadorian national teams at Al-Bayt Stadium in Al-Khor city.

Alvaro said about the chances of the two teams in the opening match: I will play the match carrying the colors of Ecuador. The Qatari national team has been preparing for this match for a long time and has been preparing for it for months. It is a great team and has a homogeneous group of players, a group that has been playing with each other for a long time and there is great coordination and organization. .

He added in the press conference held on Saturday to talk about the match: They do not have professional players in Europe or international leagues, but what I have learned during my life is that when you have an organized and strong opponent with a group of players who play with each other for a long time, this is a source of great strength. .

He added: We should point out that the Qatar national team is also the Asian champion, and this gives an insight into the strength of this team that will compete in the World Cup on its land, and Qatar worked for this goal, there is an academy, there is a school, and great work has been done, the country as a whole has worked for This is the goal for this team.

Alvaro continued: Qatar has an organized and large team and has been building this team for a long time.

Regarding the Ecuadorian national team’s preparations, Alvaro said: “The national team and I have three days to prepare after arriving here, but we will continue to prepare optimally, and with regard to our position as a candidate, we have a strong, large and homogeneous team as well, and it has a personality and identity that it will defend in tomorrow’s match.”

And Alvaro continued: When we talk to the players, we always say that we have to be better than we were in the qualifying period, and therefore we will strive to appear in the best possible way and we will give all our capabilities.

The Argentine coach added: Of course, our players have enough talent, strength and ambition to enter tomorrow’s match strongly, and certainly the Ecuadorian players went through a lot of experiences and competitions, and therefore, the two teams have great strength and ambitions and we have our tools to win, we hope on Sunday that the best version of the Qatari team and the Ecuadorian team, We would like to see a festive and ball game from the elected.

Regarding his presence in a group of Argentine coaches in the World Cup in Qatar, Alvaro said: As an Argentine coach, it is a great honor for me to lead the Ecuadorian national team. We in Argentina sacrifice a lot as coaches in order to reach the highest possible levels.

He added: Yes, there are a group of Argentine coaches who had the opportunity to lead teams in the World Cup, and we are now talking about something exceptional, which is exceptional for me to lead a team at the opening of the World Cup, and I hope to be among the great coaches, and of course I dream of winning the World Cup.

He added: The goal is always to win matches, and when I started my mission, my goal was to achieve the best and win, and for me the achievement is not only qualifying for the World Cup. But it is not impossible, and I am honored to be in this site, because I represent Argentina and I am proud to have risen from the bottom of the pyramid.

Alvaro added regarding the stars of the Ecuadorian national team: The players have great potential and can develop greatly and reach the best levels with the passage of the tournament matches. The ball in Ecuador has developed greatly in the last period and we have many players active in Europe.

He added: There are those who say that Ecuador does not witness much work in the local league, but we should say that there is a lot of work on the level of player development, and there are many Ecuadorian players who are also active in Europe, and I see that the players in general have done a great job and achieved a lot at a young age. They have reached high levels of maturity.

For his part, Moses Caicedo, the Ecuadorian national team player for the English team Brighton, said about playing the opening match of the World Cup: I have a positive and distinct feeling that we start the tournament on Sunday against a great team, a team that has shown clear superiority and will open the tournament at home, but we enjoy calm and reassurance and we hope to play a good match. It will be a tough game, but we are focused.

Regarding the efforts he and his fellow players made throughout the last period to prepare for the World Cup, Moses said: When I hear the national anthem, I remember a lot of things. I remember the neighborhood where I used to play when I was young. Her strength, and that will support us greatly on the field.

Regarding the nominations for tomorrow’s match, Moses said: We know that the Qatar national team is strong, and as the coach said, we view the Qatar national team as the favourite, and I think the match will be very complicated, but the two teams will compete strongly until the end of the match.

And about the pressures that the Ecuadorian national team may face, given that it is considered the most likely candidate in tomorrow’s match by some, Moses said: This does not put any pressure on us. Good.

He added: We know that tomorrow’s match will be a very important match for us. I think we have to focus a lot and we will not feel any pressure, perhaps some tension because it is the first match in the World Cup, but we have a lot of calm and reassurance in order to enter strongly into the tournament.

Regarding the coach’s directions to the team, the player said: The coach asked us to play with our usual personality, and we will give everything we have on the field until the last moment. We should not put ourselves under pressure and we must focus and keep the ball.

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