As tricks and exchange of farps between Deborah Albuquerque and Deolane Bezerra extrapolate or environment To Fazenda 14. This time, the presenter cited or gave me a lawyer to talk about MC Kevin, who died after being taken out of a hotel in Rio de Janeiro.

“Throwing away that mask from Instagram, that mask from the internet, ripping off the mask from people, I sell her do jeito that she is, because she is daquele jeito, or that she should be feito with that ex-husband of her, anyway… To happen everything What happens is that people see this Deolane for real, people are attending the farm”, he affirmed.

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Deborah post-A Fazenda 14

If, in reality, Deborah Albuquerque has a very big crooked figure, it seems to her that things are happening in a different way. This is because, a few days after being eliminated from A Fazenda 14, her presenter and her husband, Bruno Salomão, were tempted to invade the chamber of Alex Gallete, who was her ally of hers in attraction, to try to attack him. The author recorded the moment and published on the internet.

All would have happened behind the scenes of the station, since you are invited for the Hoje em Dia, inside Alex’s chamber. “Unfortunately I am trying to tell you something that is not legal for you. I wouldn’t talk about anything, but since it’s already appearing on all the pages, I saw my version give two facts,” the statement said.

“After my participation in the ‘Hoje em Dia’ program, the participant Deborah – in a desperate attempt to appear – wanted to invade my camera to attack me. My assessor filmed everything and, as you can see the video, the producers of Record try to prevent her from entering it, ”explained the presenter.

On the occasion, as well as at this moment, after the stories about MC Kevin, it was soon detonated on the web.

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