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Felicia Culotta, former assistant to Britney Spears, 40said he has not yet spoken to the singer after the end of the 13-year guardianship of the father who had control about his life, career and financeaccording to Page Six🇧🇷 Felicia, who has been by the artist’s side since the early years of her career, revealed that she didn’t speak to her for lack of trying on her part.

“I haven’t spoken to her in a long time. I write all the time. I love handwritten letters,” Felicia said. “I just hope and pray that she gets [as cartas]🇧🇷 I know for sure beforehand that she didn’t, so I’m very hopeful that she’ll be able to read it,” Culotta said.

During guardianship, James P. Spears, 70, controls not only the singer’s finances and personal affairs, but even who communicated with her. Several documentaries explored the injustices of guardianship amid the rise of the Free Britney movement. Felicia has been featured in a few documentaries and told Page Six that much of the backlash her father received was deserved.

Britney’s father was suspended from his role as Conservative at the end of September last year. Judge Brenda Penny said during a Los Angeles County Superior Court hearing that having James in charge of her daughter’s estate was “untenable” and reflected a “toxic environment”.

During the trial, the singer broke her guardianship silence for the first time in 13 years and gave two days of dramatic testimony. She said the guardianship was “abusive” and that it had been used to “ruin” her life.

At the time, Britney Spears gave an impassioned speech before a Los Angeles judge, sharply criticizing her father, as her parents and lawyers listened. “I’ve been in denial. I’ve been in shock. I’m traumatized,” Spears said during the remote hearing. “I just want my life back.”

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