Arthur Aguiar I used Instagram, on the morning of this Saturday (19), which will be added to the social networks. The champion of BBB22 He explained that he is doing a course and that he is going to leave the Instagram a little bit aside at the moment. recently, I informed him that he was going to honor the name of his twisted wife and open a padaria.

“Good day! Is there? Vou ficar sumidinho these days. Ontem eu fiquei submerged, hoje e amanhã também. I’m in a course and finally, I’m going to be a little bit submerged”, explained Arthur Aguiar, before thanking his friends.

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“I am passing here quickly to talk about two things: firstly to thank everyone who is attending Happy Em Off. We beat 1 thousand views in the clip and I’m very happy! Much obrigado by vocês terem tanned. And they also say that No One Attaches is in the world”, pointed out Arthur

Meanwhile, the BBB22 champion said that he will try to set aside some time to interact with the followers. “Much obliged! A wonderful weekend for you. An unbelievable Saturday and it is so. I know right, I’m back here, it’s good? Um beijo e amo vocês! ”, He finished.

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