What makes the spice of the “NRJ Music Awards” every year is obviously the arrival on stage of French stars, but above all international ones. A great moment of sharing between the public and the artists… which didn’t really take place this Friday, November 18! Orelsan who won the trophy for the best tour from the hands of Izia? In duplex of Nantes where he gave a concert! The great performance of Stromaé? Recorded from North America where he is currently touring before a big concert in New York! Julien Dore? He was represented by his clone “Julien Crâmé”! And on the international side, there are many stars who have not bothered to come either… This is the case of Ed Sheeran, once again winning the trophy for international male artist of the year, but also of Eva Longoria, saying “Bonsoir Nikos” to an annoyed Camille Combal. But the worst masquerade is surely to have made viewers believe that Lizzo was live, on the stage of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes! Named in the category “International female artist of the year”, the fervent American rapper of “Body positivity” did indeed perform… But it was only after her show was over that the host issued the little “precision” that the artist was not on stage…live. A deception that was hardly to the liking of Internet users!

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