Today the Moon transits in the sign of Virgo. Fill yourselves with this moon bath to fulfill the deepest desires of your soul. Ideal for the beginning of new relationships, propitious for romances and appointments. Capricorn analyzes his relationships based on his past, former partners, parental models. He wants to build something new and different from what he left behind. Taurus: the key is to renew the couple, propose different things, surprise the loved one to keep interest and love alive.

TODAY is Yellow Lunar Seed in the Mayan Calendar

Angels don’t sleep, they work 24 hours a day. Angels work overtime. Whenever you think of an angel, he is there with you. The function of the angels is to serve humanity, to elevate the Planet (that is why when human beings dedicate themselves to service, they begin to become like angels here on Earth). When one invokes them they respond on the spot, without delay. They fly faster than volunteer firefighters to put out a fire (the fire that your life is about). For them time does not exist. When you need it, summon an angel and the second he will be there.


Every time I invoke an angel, it comes instantly answering my call.
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