The Polish national football team left the capital, Warsaw, on Thursday, heading to Qatar to participate in the World Cup finals, escorted by F-16 fighter jets in the country’s airspace.

The initiative did not receive much interest from the Poles, and some questioned the usefulness of such expenditures.

And Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak, Friday, came out to defend his decision in a statement to the local public radio, and said: It is a good thing, it shows the support we offer to our players.

The minister added that the escort was nothing more than a regular training for pilots that included escorting Polish players to the World Cup.

The trip for superstar Robert Lewandowski and his colleagues came as the EU member state was still reeling from a missile explosion in the village of Przevodov, 6km from the Ukrainian border, which killed two people earlier this week.

Warsaw reported that the missile, which raised fears of an escalation of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, was launched by the Ukrainian air defense in an attempt to intercept the Russian attacks.

Poland will play its first World Cup match against Mexico on November 22 in Group C, which includes Argentina and Saudi Arabia.

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