Rio de Janeiro

soap opera protagonist “Crossing”, lucy alves was recording at Globo Studios when a fire broke out in a part of the scenographic city of “Todas as Flores”, in the early afternoon of this Friday (18). The actress assumed that she was scared by the smoke and the rush of employees through the external areas of the station and even recorded a video to reassure her followers.

“Guys, that’s crazy! Now out of nowhere, smoke and a fire in the studios. Everyone evacuating, that’s it. Mercy”, begins the actress while recording a video of the burning place from afar. Breeze’s interpreter continues to regret what happened. “Wow. It seems that the fire is increasing”, shoots Lucy, who then posted a photo on Instagram stories: “Everything under control and everyone well. That’s what matters”, she wrote in the text of the image.

In the beginning of the afternoon, Globo announced that a fire hit the soap opera’s set “All Flowers”. After a few hours, the fire had been brought under control and no injuries were reported. Read the broadcaster’s statement in full:

“The set of the Rhodes & Co. Tailleur store from the telenovela ‘Todas as Flores’, by Globoplay, caught fire today, located in the scenographic city, at Globo Studios, in Rio de Janeiro. There were no injuries. The fire was controlled by Globo’s Fire Brigade and firefighters from the 12th Battalion of the Fire Department, who are still on site. The causes are still being investigated. There will be no impact on the production of the telenovela, because the interior of the set affected by fire, the Rhodes store in ‘Todas as Flores’, is reproduced in the studio”.

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