Lucas Guimaraes revealed that he had the name of his ex-husband, Carlinhos Maia, tattooed in an intimate region of the body. In interview with PodFaceshe explained the meaning of the different tattoos that tem no body and citou duas homenagens that fez.

“I have one [tatuagem] do Carlinhos, bem perto do pinto. It is written o nome do Carlinhos, ele tem uma também”, he said in an interview. Then, he also pointed out that he does not intend to remove or remove the marking of the 13-year marriage.

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“No [se] You can put out the story that you have like the other. It is very bizarre. When you spend a lot of time with someone, people want you to turn off, that you start to portray the other as an enemy. I say so: I was always people against the world, there is no business of best friend, follower, family.”

No dado, Lucas also told me that he had a tattoo dedicated to Avó. Além disso, he explained the other desires that he had on his body: a handle of anjo, which was the last one he did; symbols of infinity and the sign of aquarius, an anchor, for refusing to sink; and a lamp, to symbolize new ideas.

Fim of Carlinhos Maia and Lucas Guimarães

The marriage was announced or the relationship ended in October, after which we will spend 13 years together. In a meeting at the last second-fair (11/14) in PodCats, they trocaram um selinho and They would confess that they had some relapses after separation.

“Uma”, Carlinho said briefly. “Duas, mais de duas”, Lucas corrected and continued: “É muito louco isso, because it seems that the ‘pimbança’ is better, when it ends it seems that it gives more value to the babado”.

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