The hours are numbered for the World Cup to start and all those who will have the privilege of being able to support the Argentine National Team live from the field continue to arrive in Qatar. However the Kun Aguero He lived a situation that no fan would like to have to witness.

In case someone wonders what is the height of an Argentine fan, the answer is: travel to the World Cup surrounded by Brazilian fans. That was what happened to nothing more and nothing less than him. Kun Aguero. The footballer shared the images on the networks and they quickly went viral.

Kun Agüero responded to a user who said he left football for the vaccine
Kun Agüero with the Copa América.

Through his official Instagram account, The former Argentine soccer player published a video in which he is seen sitting on the plane while the rest of the crew travel standing still singing and encouraging the Brazilian National TeamArgentina’s historic soccer rival.

In the pictures, the Kun he grabs his head and snorts unable to believe what he is experiencing, but true to his classic sense of humor, he made it public so that his followers support him and have fun with him when they see the unusual situation.

Kun Agüero revealed how his son Benjamin found out about the death of Diego Maradona

When I found out, I thought it was a lie., like so many other times. But as he saw that more and more people were saying it, I asked Benjamin’s mom directly (Gianinna Maradona). I even remember what I asked him. “Is it true or not?” I wrote to him. He answered me yes”, said the new figure of Barcelona in an interview with The Country of Spain.

Later, Kun Aguero revealed the way in which he approached the sad situation with the 12-year-old boy. “I was thinking about my son. About what I had to call him. I was very worried about how he was going to find out the news.. She already knew it from a schoolmate. Diego and Benja got along very well. I asked my sister to go look for him at school and try to distract him,” she said.

Benjamín Agüero introduced his girlfriend:
Benjamin Aguero.

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