This Friday, November 18, the NRJ Music Awards take place, which reward French-speaking and foreign artists who have marked the year 2022. Among the singers nominated at Cannes, we find Angèle, Orelsan, Stromae, Clara Luciani, Soprano, Bigflo & Oli , Kendji Girac and Keen’V. Accustomed to winning the bet at each ceremony where she is appointed, Jenifer will not be part of this time among. A news that had annoyed many fans. “too bad no nomination for Jenifer for French-speaking artist and @VictoriaSioOff for French-speaking revelation it’s a shame they deserve to be named”, “Jenifer she and where? So ashamed of Nrj I boycott Nrj and tf1 goes against M.pokora Named”, “And Jenifer we put it where because she released a single must not forget it”, “Jenifer is not nominated for #NMA2022 ? Is this a joke?”, “@NRJMusicAwards you suck!!!!”could we read on Twitter.

But that the faithful of the pretty brunette are reassured, Jenifer will still be honored this evening in Cannes. According to exclusive information from, the singer will indeed be on the bill of “NRJ Music Awards 2022“. While she is currently promoting her new album, she will receive from the hands of Camille Combal an honorary “NRJ Music Awards” to celebrate his 20-year career.

If Jenifer will once again be publicly honored, the singer recently confided that she was not completely comfortable during such events. In an interview with our colleagues from Marie France, she explained how the NRJ Music Awards had made her “sick”. “I didn’t make a career out of a taste for the extraordinary, I’m a “normal” girl, without filter, homebody, even fierce. I’m not a night owl, you won’t see me at trendy parties. The red carpet of the NRJ Music Awards or the steps of the Cannes Film Festival, it is a flattering recognition but an exercise that could make me sick.“, she confided.


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