gkay She is one of the protagonists of the film Um Natal Cheio de Graça, from Netflix. Meanwhile, the influencer is being accused of “striking” The backstage of the streaming platform and its performance for the cameras would not have pleased many people of the recording staff, which took place in Petrópolis, not Rio de Janeiro, and our dinner companions from Dona da Farofa.

Agree as a columnist Lucas Pasin, do Splash UOL, Gkay did not like to be annoyed by the people present at the filming, she abused two delays and even managed to tear her costume and threatened to go away after a call for attention. The influencer was also accused of having a different attitude in front of the cameras.

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According to the columnist, Gkay would have been five hours late to test the figure and a person from the HR of the film producer would have accompanied the filmagens so that excesses of the influencer would not lead to moral harassment processes.

“When they called me to make or film I was very happy, and I still thought: ‘Gkay must be very legal.’ Not the first day they would let me know: ‘Nobody wanted to make a film because they were like her, and here I was to give up too.’ She contacted me first as I was afraid that the people were afraid of her, and that after that she would see me, “said a professional from the production company, who did not want to identify himself.

A fonte de Pasin also talks about the arrears. “She was behind for everyone, for hours, and left the whole team waiting. Five hour delay for a figurine test, for example. And she never apologized, it was like everyone was in an obligation to wait for her. No one told anything, it was common for her to shout, and she was intimidating, ”she said.

Still according to Pasin, Sérgio Malheiros, who was a romantic couple with Gkay in the production, complained to the film’s producer “because Gkay would be wrong, claiming that he hit frog at Anitta’s party. ‘Beijei I don’t know how many mouths. I sucked, I don’t know how many songs. And hit the toad. Vou passar para todo mundo’. Here I leave everyone scared, we are not in the middle of a pandemic”, said a professional.

After this situation, Gkay would have received a call for attention and the reaction was not the best. “She tore the figurine, which had been made for her, and came out crying and screaming. She entered the car and falou that ia drunk. Toda a equipe ficou waiting. She screamed that we are ashamed of her, that it was our fault. She tried to change the situation to get out of victim ”, spoke to the source, who added that the influencer returned to the set shortly after two events.

What does Gkay say?

EITHER metropolises I got in touch with the Netflix and Gkay advisories. In response, or streaming, he says that he does not comment on internal matters. Yes, the influencer prefers “don’t talk about the published note”. The space remains open.

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