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The Luz Foundation, a charity created by Gisele Bundchen and Tone Bradydonated just US$ 640,000 (about R$ 3.4 million), between 2007 and 2019, according to the new York post🇧🇷 The value corresponds to less than 0.1% of the ex-couple’s net worth, valued at US$ 770 million dollars (about R$ 4.17 billion).

Public documents show that the Nassau County-based nonprofit has made small donations since its founding. In 2018, the Luz Foundation donated US$300 (approximately R$1,600) to support the environmental group Waterkeeper Nicoya Peninsula, from Costa Rica, where the former couple owns a house by the sea.

In the same year, the NGO donated US$900 (about R$4,800) to the World Wildlife Fund and US$1,000 (about R$5,300) to the Challenged Athletes Foundation, an entity that helps people with disabilities physical.

Most of the donations made by Gisele and Brady’s entity went to yoga and meditation groups. In 2019, the last year that donations were recorded, the Luz Foundation gave US$80,000 (about R$428,000) of its budget of US$350,000 (about R$1.8 million) to Pointing Out the Great Way Foundation, based in Massachusetts, which promotes Indo-Tibetan meditation.

In 2017, the group donated US$ 25,000 (about R$ 133,000) to the David Lynch Foundation, in New York, which promotes meditation and yoga in schools. You Go Girl Yoga, a Waltham, Massachusetts group, was another recipient of $25,000.

Gisele said in 2007 that she created the foundation to provide grants to support girls. The institution gained the right to tax exemption three years after its creation. Years later, the model spoke in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, in 2015, that her life was dedicated to the charity project.

The model stated at the time that she knows people think she’s just a girl who poses for pictures. “But in my head I’m thinking all the time, ‘Okay, if I take this job, I might have more money to invest in this one. [projeto]🇧🇷 So this is what I’m doing, because this is what God gave me to do, this is what I can do, right?”

The foundation also has Peter Matton on its board of directors, who helps Brady with investments and ventures. But how end of the model’s marriage to the player the future of Luz Foundation is still uncertain.

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