9 a.m. : Hello to all sticky ball lovers! A pleasure to meet you this evening to vibrate in front of a match that we feel coming to the knife, and well as it should. We dare a first shot: sorry to our thousands of Danish and Montenegrin readers, but this Norway-France has a good face in the final before the hour. On the one hand, we have the reigning world champions (after beating Les Bleues in the final 29-22 last year), who present the best attack of the tournament, with a trio of fire Nora Mork-Reistad-Oftedal on their back line. On the other hand, our tricolor handball players, reigning Olympic champions (it should be remembered), have been totally calm in the competition so far, with six successes in as many group matches. Between an imperial Cleopatra Darleux in her goal, Orlane Kanor who is rocking at the back, and a comically well-oiled collective, Olivier Krumbholz seems to have the cards in hand to go for a 67th final with this team (we are hardly exaggerating at “20 Minutes “). Come on, I have a feeling we’re going to have fun.

Come and join us from 8:15 p.m., shortly before kick-off, which will take place at 8:30 p.m. in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

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