Manchester United plans to terminate the contract of Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo and sue him after his fiery statements, during which he attacked the club and its Dutch coach, Eric ten Hag, and some of his colleagues.

The winner of the Golden Ball title for the best player in the world five times caused a spherical earthquake when he stated earlier that he did not respect Dutchman Eric Ten Hag, coach of the “Red Devils”, and criticized the Glazers family, owner of United, in a 90-minute interview broadcast on “Tok TV”. .

Mystery surrounds Ronaldo’s future with his current club, after he said during the interview that he was “betrayed” by the club and its officials.

According to the newspaper “The Guardian”, the management of Manchester United sent a message to Cristiano Ronaldo and told him not to return to Carrington (the team’s training center) after the end of his participation with Portugal in the World Cup.

ESPN said that the administration is considering prosecuting the player after violating the terms of the contract, appearing on television, and attacking the administration, the coach, and the players.

The “Daily Mail” also indicated that the management of the English team decided to terminate Ronaldo’s contract after meeting with coach Ten Hag.

She indicated that the 37-year-old Portuguese will not get the rest of his contract (£16 million) after the club discovered a legal loophole that gives him the opportunity to terminate the contract without paying its value.

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