On November 13, Santiago del Moro began the fourth elimination gala of Big Brother (Telephone). Who left the most famous house in the country was Juan Reverdito after facing Alpha with 88.14%. This is how the little brother went down in history as “the most voted in Argentina.”

However, this is not true neither in Argentina nor in the world because in our country the most voted was Nadia Epstein with 91.9%.

Nadia Epstein, the most voted participant in Big Brother Argentina

Nadia Epstein was the most voted participant in the history of Big Brother Argentina. The little sister was part of GH 2007 and starred in a bloody fight with Marianela Mirra, who was the winner of said contest.

Nadia Epstein
Nadia Epstein

At that time, Epstein left the house with 91.9% of the votes and immediately became the most voted participant in the history of GH in the country and entered the world ranking in 19th place.

Juan Reverdito, the second most voted in GH Argentina

Juan Reverdito, the 42-year-old taxi driver was eliminated by 88.14% of the votes compared to the 11.86% he got Walter Alpha Santiago. Previously, Agustin he was saved by 0.78% of the public vote. The second was Nacho with 3.27% of the votes. The third save was Daniela with 6.53% of the votes.

Big Brother: The 5 most hated participants in Argentina
Juan Reverdito

After the elimination of Juan Reverdito from “Big Brother”, Federico Bongiorno, a specialist in the format, revealed that although the participant received many votes, he was not the most voted person in Argentina and neither Worldwide. The truth is that the taxi driver ranks second in Argentina and number 37 worldwide.

Santiago Almeyda, the third most voted Big Brother

Santiago Almeyda was part of Big Brother 2001 and lost the final, finishing in second place with 88% of the votes. The winner in that edition was Marcelo Corazza.

santiago almeyda
santiago almeyda

Santiago Almeyda formed a relationship with Natalia Fava inside the house and when they left there they got married. Indeed, it was the first couple to settle inside the GH house.

Eleonora González, the fourth most hated of Big Brother Argentina

The first edition of Big Brother had Eleonora González as a participant. The young woman forged a close bond with Gastón Trezeguet and she ended up being eliminated from the most famous house in the country with 86% of the votes.

Eleonora Gonzalez
Eleonora Gonzalez

Indeed, one of the most famous couples in that contest was that of Gastón and Eleonora, who even went so far as to hold a commitment ceremony inside the most famous house in the country.

Claudia Ciardone, the fifth most voted in Big Brother Argentina

Claudia Ciardone It was part of the house along with other names that also remained in the memory of the public such as, Marianela Mirra, Diego Lonardi Y Nadia Epstein. She was the first person eliminated from that edition but she had the chance to re-enter the most famous house in the country after the repechage.

Claudia Ciardone
Claudia Ciardone

Her second elimination placed her in fifth place among the people with the most votes in the Big Brother house after being expelled with 84% of the votes.

Big Brother is today the most watched program on television and has the whole country talking about the little brothers.

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