It’s the kind of three-euro controversy that makes the time pass on social networks on an evening of football idleness. Thank you, therefore, to Samuel Eto’o for having given his opinion on Samuel Eto’o in the third person singular, an opinion that we guess is dithyrambic, especially if Mr. has to compare himself to the competition.

“I preferred other players”

Interrogates as part of a documentary on the rapper Dinos by Booska P, the Cameroonian was invited to compare himself to Titi Henry, and he went there in Charente: “I think he was not at the level of Anelka. He was good but I preferred other players. In any case, at my level, no. Henry not at the level of Anelka, already, big slice of fun.

But Henry below Eto’o, really? Even considering that one had the chance to be born French and to evolve in a more competitive national team, it was still necessary to be decisive enough to participate in the double 98-2000. The Cameroonian, meanwhile, can put forward an Olympic title and a victory at the CAN, but it remains less brilliant, until proven otherwise.

Two Ballon d’Or podiums for Titi

Living Gunners legend Henry barely counts fewer career goals than its rival (360 against 370), and it exceeds it by a short head in terms of trophies, only dominated in the number of C1 (3-1 for Eto’o). We could also add that in the supreme individual ranking, that of the Ballon d’Or, the French world champion has climbed the podium twice, when Samuel “big melon” Eto’o has never done better than 5th. In short, we want to open the debate, but at home, Henry crosses the finish line first, and largely.

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